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The Best Day To Send Email Newsletters
The optimal sending time is often dependent on what the content of your email is and who the audience is.

Where are people likely to read your newsletter (home or business)?

Is the email announcing an event? Timing is everything.

Try splitting your email subscriber list into two parts and send one email to the first half and another email to the second and test your response rates.

The best day varies greatly based on audience. Research suggests that for business focused messages the best day is Tuesday, and if your audience is consumers, the best day is Thursday. In terms of times of day, mid-morning has traditionally been one of the preferred send times.

Monday or Friday?
Email firm ExactTarget released a study on the effectiveness of email campaigns relative to the days of the week emails are sent. Several earlier studies suggested that Monday and Tuesday have been the most effective days of the week. But the new study suggests that the best day for opening emails aren't necessarily the best days for conversions. Further complicating things, ExactTarget showed that its own results matched a MarketingSherpa study published in July, yet after that MarketingSherpa study was released, so many emails were sent on Monday that the day came to be ranked fifth or sixth for subsequent quarters. ExactTarget found that emails sent Wednesday through Friday maximized open rates. Weekends tended to earn the most clicks per open, perhaps because only about three percent of emails are sent during that lull period. (Source)



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