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Headers / Footers
Headers/Footers are another form of presets beyond templates.
Unlike the templates feature, the headers/footers may not be modified during the sending process.

The header and footer are ideal for standard information at the beginning or end of your mailing, such as your standard unsubscribe link.

Select “Headers/Footers” on the menu at the top to add a new header or footer. Type in a name and select “Header” or “Footer.” Type or paste the header or footer content in the text field provided.

You can use HTML tags; include images, etc. if you plan on using this header or footer in an HTML mailing. Click on “Submit” when you are done. The next time you click on “Headers/Footers” your header or footer appears in a list. Easily delete (x) or modify (e) items in this list by clicking on the appropriate icons to the left of them.

Please note: Headers/footers are currently added to both html and text versions.



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