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Is there a way to see which email addresses didn't import correctly?

Unfortunately not at this time (it is on our wish list). Our recommendation is to open your email database in Excel and quickly look for a few common problems we've seen over the years.

Sometimes if there is an empty cell with a space in it the system will attempt to import it as well. If your list matches up with your subscriber count that is probably what happened. In cases like this you do not need to do anything.

Look for:

  • Emails with extra spaces
  • Spare commas or other characters not normally used in email addresses
  • System characters
  • or any key fields missing (no email address for example)

A handy tool for cleaning up a database prior to import is a free Excel add on for Windows called ASAP Utilities. You can download it at and install. It adds a menu bar to your Excel program which enables you to run over 300 useful and powerful utilities. A moderate amount of Excel experience is required.

If you get stuck call us for assistance.



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