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Help! My legitimate email newsletter is being filtered as spam

Spam filters are great. Almost everyone is running some sort of spam filter these days, whether it is software based or server based it can inversely affect your email newsletters success.

Here are some tips and techniques we've found can greatly increase your read and open ratio.

  • Use sentence case in your email subject line and message. Spam filters actually identify all caps writing and assign a point value to your email. If enough points add up your message can be identified as spam.
  • Use a senders email address that isn't from a free email service. Spammers spoof yahoo and hotmail addresses all the time.
  • Actually include real content in your email. Sounds simple, but lots of people think they can include a big image they made in Photoshop and hit send. Sending a blank message sends a signal that your email is spam like nothing else. You're emails almost asking to be filtered out. The best advice is to write an email like you normally would with plain old content. Don't be afraid to be wordy.
  • Be careful to not include words or phrases that spammers take advantage of. See a list of these words here. If you do use words like "free" or "guarantee" don't include it more than once or twice in a single email message.
  • Use a real name or two word company name in the "From Name" field. Just don't leave it blank.
  • Make sure your subscribers actually opted in. If you received a database from a partner, or someone you are working with, ask them where they got the names. Did the people subscribe? A legitimate subscription list should average at 1% unsubscribe request. If you have a higher rate something is wrong.
  • Don't send your HTML email without a text option. If your HTML email doesn't automatically switch to text format for those readers who can't receive HTML, it will get filtered out.
  • Don't send attachments. Attachments often carry viruses. In defense, they are frequently filtered out proactively. Even if an attachment gets through to your readers, it is a burden to expect them to run it through a virus protection program.

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