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Opt In/Out Settings
Opt-In/Out settings allow you to confirm that the email address attempting to subscribe actually is the owner of the address. When turned on a message (that you specify) will be sent to the potential subscriber’s email address. This email contains a link that the subscriber must click on for the email address to be subscribed. If the link is not clicked on the email will not be part of the list. You are able to enter the email address it is from, subject, and customize the entire message the user receives for both the opt-in and opt-out messages. Additionally, you can turn either or on/off as you like. IE: Opt-In On and Opt-out Off.

To turn this on/off click on “Opt-In/Out Settings” under “List Setting” on the administrative main page. To turn them on select “Yes” or turn them off selecting “No.” The WYSIWG text editor on the page allows you to customize your Opt-In/Opt-Off message. Click on “Personalize” to easily enter tags to a number of fields: “Subscriber’s Name”, “Subscriber’s Email”, “Subscriber’s IP, “Update Profile Link”, and “Unsubscribe Link. When your messages are specified to your liking, click on “Save Change” to update your mailing list.





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