Easily manage your email newsletters using TornadoEmail. You can manage an unlimited number of email lists and subscribers. Switch between lists, send messages, manage subscribers, and be amazing.    



Features and Benefits

Personalize Your Messages
Don't leave your subscribers hanging by sending listless junk mailings. Add any number of subscriber fields to personalize every aspect of your mailing.

Detailed Reports
Advanced statistical tracking gauges the effectiveness of your mailings; useful in any marketing campaign.

Full Archives
Archival registries of past messages can be searched and accessed at anytime. Turn archived messages into templates for future mailings, and make a public archive section available to subscribers.

Import and Export Your Mailing Lists
Save time on initial setup by importing your existing mailing lists directly into the subscription list. An advanced importer allows you to easily import a list of subscribers with any number of subscriber fields.

Automation Everywhere
TornadoEmail effectively manages your list mailings for you. Automated features ensure that time and resources aren't lost on maintenance upkeep.



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