Easily manage your email newsletters using TornadoEmail. You can manage an unlimited number of email lists and subscribers. Switch between lists, send messages, manage subscribers, and be amazing.    
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TornadoEmail Features
The TornadoEmail system's biggest asset is that it's easy to use. That's what our customers say anyways. Here's a brief outline of the top features:

Unlimited Lists & Subscribers
Forget the monthly subscription fees and restrictions of subscription-based e-mail services.

Multiple Sending Formats
Send your messages in a variety of formats including Multi-Format (MIME), HTML only, or text only. Details...

Test Send Before Sending to List
Send a test copy of your mailing to a specified address. View your message through the eyes of the subscribers that you're sending to. Details...

Scheduled Sending
Set mailings to send at a time and date of your choice. Useful for future mailings or to send mailings at off-peak times for your server. Details...

Real-Time Message Queue
The visual message queue allows you to view your message sending status. Details...

Include Attachments With Mailings
Add a file or several files to your message, such as a PDF or picture. Details...

Bounced E-mail Management
The system flags all bounced addresses and automatically removes them after three times, keeping your list clean of bad addresses

Templates, Headers, & Footers
Save time and headaches with preset content, or use sent messages as templates for future mailings.

Save Messages For Later
Not quite done composing a mailing? No problem. Simply save your message and go back to it later.

WYSIWYG Visual Text Editor For Composing Mailings
Use our easy-to-understand MS Word style editor to compose HTML messages complete with images, tables, text, and more at the click of a button.Details...

Personalize Mailings With Subscribers Data
Easily personalize your mailings with the subscriber's name, e-mail address, and any number of optional fields. Details...

Sending Filters
Create sending filters based on the name, email, subscription date, and any number of other optional fields. For example, you can send messages only to subscribers who signed up after a certain date, are named Bob, and have .com in their e-mail address. Details...

Automatic Unsubscription Link
Add an unsubscribe link anywhere in your message.Details...

Forward to friend
To create a link that allows to you to forward to a friend use the tag %PERS_FRIEND%. This directs you to a page that asks your name, friend’s email, friend’s name, and a personalized message. After filling out the form the friend receives a “thought you may be interested in this mailing” letter with a link on the bottom. Details...

Automatic Link Tracking
When this feature is turned on during a mailing, it looks through your mailing, automatically detects links you have in the mailing and turns them into the Link Tracking mode. Link tracking lets you know who clicks on each link, how many times they clicked, and on what date. You can create a new list based off those statistics. Details...

Open/Read Tracking
When this feature is turned on during a mailing you build statistics each time a user opens and reads your HTML or multi-format mailings. The statistics include who opened and read your mailing, at what date, and how many times. You can create a new list based off those statistics. Details...

Unsubscribed List
For each list all users who have unsubscribed are added to the unsubscribed list. This works with the import feature if you only import users who have not unsubscribed in the past. Details...

Statistical Graph Reporting
You can easily generate graphs for statistical reporting. Graphs include: By List - 30 day subscription trend; 30 day mailing trend, list comparisons by subscribers and messages; By Message - Successful vs Unsuccessful; and Bounced, Read/Open, Link Tracking; and Read/Open Trends over 30 days. Details...

Double Opt-In/Out Options
When turned on it requires the subscriber to confirm their subscription by clicking on a confirmation link that is sent to their e-mail address. You may turn the Double Opt-In and the Double Opt-Out features on and off separately. Fully customizable and you can have your opt-in/out messages set for HTML or text. Details...

Confirmation Mailings
Turn this on or off, as you prefer, for subscriptions or unsubscriptions. When turned on it sends a previously entered message to the user after they have successfully subscribed to the list.

Customizable Subscription & UnSubscription Forms
Generate Custom Form Code or Use System Generated Code. The choice is yours. Have a generated form embedded into any page of your web site and set the URL's for redirection. Including success URL, error URL, awaiting opt-in URL and more. Thus the user never leaves your design and you have total control! Details...

Time-Sensitive Auto Responders
Easily add any number of time-sensitive auto responders to any of your lists. For instance, you can have an instant auto responder that welcomes the new subscriber, have a message automatically sent 24 hrs after their subscription, and have another mailing sent a week later. Add HTML or text auto responders to any of your lists with ease. Details...

Allow Subscribers to Modify their subscription details
By entering %UPDATEPROFILE% anywhere in your mailings, creates a clickable link that allows the subscriber to update subscription information; such as name and optional fields. Details...

Subscriber Fields (Collect more than just name & email)
Include any number of optional fields. Such as text fields, text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, and drop downs. You can even specify whether a field is required. Personalize your mailings with the optional field data or use optional fields to create sending filters. Allowing a subscriber field to be in multiple lists. Also, search subscribers by subscriber fields. Details...

Numerous Other List Subscription Features
> Allow users to subscribe to multiple lists at once
> Allow users to unsubscribe from multiple lists at once
> Block E-mail Addresses
> Ability to mark lists as "private"
> Ability to turn Public Archive off.
> Turn on Alert for new subscribers.
> Add subscriber by sending an email to a specific pop account

Import Subscribers
An advanced importer makes it easy to import all your subscriber's data such as email, name, and any number of optional fields. Use dropdown menus to match the first row and column with all your subsciber fields. Details...

Other import specific features:
> Option to require subscriber's confirmation when importing.
> Only import addresses that have not unsubscribed to the list in the past

Export Subscribers
Export your subscribers into a text box for easy copy/past exporting or export all your fields to a .CSV file with the click of a button. Details...

Customizable User Subscription & UnSubscription Forms
Generate Custom Form Code or Use System Generated Code. You can have a generated form embedded into any page on your web site and set the URLs for redirection. Include success URL, error URL, awaiting opt-in URL, and more. Thus, the user never leaves your design and you have total control!

Clone List
Easily copy either the list settings or the list subscribers to a new list. Or copy both the list settings and the list subscribers to a new list. Details...

Batch Removals
Either clear the list of all of it's subscribers, or remove a list of specified addresses from your existing list. Details...

Search Subscribers
Find subscribers you wish to modify, view, or remove fast with the search function. You can search by name, email or any number of optional fields. Details...

Export stats to Excel
Easily export your link tracking, read statistics, and subscriber details into Excel with the click of a button.




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