Easily manage your email newsletters using TornadoEmail. You can manage an unlimited number of email lists and subscribers. Switch between lists, send messages, manage subscribers, and be amazing.    
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TornadoEmail Screenshots
Below you will find a selection of features for TornadoEmail Marketing. Simply click on the screenshot for a larger view.

Easy To Use GUI Interface
TornadoEmail includes a lot of features but making the most out of this powerful mailing list manager has never been so easy. Features are intuitively grouped for easy access using simple dropdown menus or links.

Graphical Statistical Reporting
One way to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaign is through a series of general reports. These reports feature detailed graphs including: 30 Day Subscription Trend, 30 Day Mailings Trend, List Comparisons – Subscribers, and List Comparisons- Messages Sent.

Export Subscriber Info
The exporting feature allows you to easily export your subscribers into a .CSV file. You can export any number of optional fields and detailed subscriber information.

Visual Text Editor
TornadoEmail comes with a powerful text editor for composing HTML rich messages. There's no need to know HTML code. Using the easy to understand MS Word style editor anyone can compose a compelling HTML message including images, tables, text formatting, and more with the click of a button. ( Requires the user to be using IE 5.5 + on Windows for the editor to display. Otherwise a text box would be displayed. )

Advanced Importing Capabilities
Importing is easy using the advanced importing option. Importing from a .CSV file is a simple matter of aligning the first row and columns of your file with your subscriber fields using a simple drop down method.

Time Based Auto-Responders
Easily add any number of time-sensitive auto responders to any of your lists. For instance, you can have an instant auto responder that welcomes the new subscriber, a message sent 24 hours after the subscription, and another mailing sent a week later. Add HTML or text auto responders with ease.

Link / Read Tracking
When turned on for a mailing, the link tracking feature looks through your mailing, automatically detect links you have in the mailing and turns them into the Link Tracking mode. Link tracking lets you know who clicks on each link, how many times they clicked, and on what date. Read/ Open lets you know who has read your mailings and how many times. You can even create a new list based off these statistics.

List Cloning
Easily copy either the list settings or the list subscribers to a new list. Or copy both the list settings and the list subscribers to a new list.

Fetch HTML To Send In Mailing
On the message composition page you have the option to enter a URL to fetch your HTML mailings. If entered the system will take the HTML from the URL you entered and use it as your message content.

Opt-In / Out Confirmation Emails
When this feature is turned on it requires the subscriber to confirm their subscription by clicking on a confirmation link that is sent to their e-mail address. You may turn the Double Opt-In and Double Opt-Out features on and off individually. Comes fully customizable and you can have your opt-in/out messages set for HTML or text.

Personalize Using Subscriber Info
Enhance the look and feel of your mailings by using optional fields. These fields add a personal appeal to your mailings. You can create radio buttons, check boxes, text fields, text boxes, and drop downs using your existing subscriber fields.

Send To Friend Feature
You can easily create a link that allows you to forward to a friend. This directs you to a page that asks your name, friend's email, friend's name, and a personalized message. After filling out the form your friend receives a “thought you may be interested in this mailing” letter with a link on the bottom.

Test Send Email
Using the "test send" feature on the preview page while composing your mailing allows you to send a test copy of that mailing to any address you specify. Allowing you to ensure that the sent version of the message appears exactly as you like.

Export List Of Subscribers
Export your subscribers into a text box for easy copy/past exporting or export to a .CSV file at the click of a button. A .CSV file can be opened with Excel.



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