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Sending a Message
Once you have setup your list, obtained or inserted a subscriber base, you are ready for broadcast mailing. For information on how to do this see adding e-mail addresses.

To send a message for your selected list, click on “Create New Message” under “Messages” on the menu at the top. You have the choice of three formats from which to send your mailing. It is recommended that you send using the HTML and Text combination. Most clients support this option.

Multi-Format (MIME), HTML and Text
This format allows you to send the message in 2 different formats. One format is HT\ML capable and the other is text-only. Both versions are embedded in a single e-mail and the user’s e-mail client decides which version the user is capable of viewing. If the user has an HTML capable e-mail client it will display the HTML version. Otherwise it will display the text only. If the user’s e-mail client does not support MIME e-mails it will display both versions.

Allows you to send an HTML formatted e-mail using the Visual Text Editor or your own HTML code.

Text Only
Allows you to send text only e-mail. This option does not support HTML tags or the visual text editor.

When available you can select a template to use with the creation of a message.

Begin by Clicking on “Submit.”

Enter the “Subject”, “From” and body content in the next screen. You have the option at the bottom to enter body tags to alter the background color / image and options designated to change the feel of your message. Do NOT add head tags or HTML open / close tags. Certain mail servers will not read e-mail with those tags.

Click on “Preview Message” to view how your message should look. If you are ready to send click on “Send Now”.

Click on “Message Queue” to see the message’s sending status. There is no need to keep your browser open or your computers on to have the sending continue.



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