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If people unsubscribe from our list and the next new newsletter I make under a different list name... will it keep the people who unsubscribed, unsubscribed?

The answer is complex. Essentially, unsubscribe requests stay with a specific list. So if you were to import your list back into the same list it would remember who unsubscribed and not re-add them.

But if you create a new list and import people into it, it won't be able to track who unsubscribed from your other lists. Global unsubscribe tracking is a possible future feature (this is being added Aug 05).

If you are importing into the same list, you can specify whether you want to keep unsubscribe users as unsubscribed.

Here's how:

On the list import page, there is a checkbox option called "Do not import addresses which have been unsubscribed in the past."

By checking this box, all e-mail addresses that have previously been unsubscribed in the past from that list will not be imported. This only includes e-mail addresses that were unsubscribed by the user. E-mail addresses that are removed by the admin will still be imported.



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