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Importing a mailing list from an Excel CSV file
It's really easy to import an Excel file into your subscriber list. First, you will need to clean it up and save it as a CSV file (comma separated value). You can do this from within Excel.

Subscriber Fields
Are you importing a database with extra subscriber fields besides email and name (e.g. company name, state, city, phone, address)? If not, skip to the next section. If you are, you will need to create these fields before importing the new subscribers. Click here to read about how to create custom subscriber fields.

Preparing your Excel file
You will want to delete any extra empty rows or data that you do not want to import. Delete any column labels you may have created as well otherwise they will be imported and would look funny.

Once you have your Excel file cleaned up, in Excel, go to Save As... and choose CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv). It will save a file you can import into our system. You can also re-open this file in Excel. A note for Mac users.

Excel on Windows:

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